Architectural Interior Wrapping


Just because we are in a time of economic stress and uncertainty doesn't mean we can't keep moving forward. Instead of forgetting about that new kitchen, bar refit or reception overhaul have a look at our economically viable alternative, interior wrapping.  


What is interior wrapping? 

Interior wraps are fast becoming the go to solution for refurbishment projects across the country. With vinyl we can offer luxurious, high quality finishes that replicate the real thing. Not sure if a wrap is for you? How does a 10 year warranty, fast turn around (compared with replacing items) and huge savings vs conventional methods of upgrading your home or business interior. 


What styles/effects can we have?

The possibilities are almost endless with vinyl. We offer hundreds of options including wood effects (oak, pine, beech, zebrano and more...), solid colours in gloss or matte finish, metal and metallic effects, leather, fabric.... the list goes on. 


See the range here:

Wood Range

Leather Range

Marble Range

Glitter Range

Metallic Range

Solid Colour Range

Natural Stone Range

Fabric Range

How long does wrapping take?

That all depends on the size of the project. Kitchen wraps can take anywhere between a day to a week whilst larger commercial projects can take weeks! Want a better answer? Send us a message or give us a call.


What can be wrapped?

Almost anything! We can wrap kitchens, bathrooms, public bars, smooth walls, fridges... if you've got a project in mind, no matter the size, get in touch to discuss your options. 


Is it expensive? 

Architectural wraps are priced to be far less expensive than conventional replacement methods. As we don't actually replace anything the savings to be had can range from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds (depending on project size and complexity).

Example 1: 

Replacement kitchen £12,500+ 

Relative Kitchen wrap £1250 

Example 2:

Large hotel reception refit £45,000+

Large hotel reception wrap £5000

*Please note these are not actual prices and are here for reference purposes only.


 Got a project coming up? Get in touch today to find out how much we can save you!