Fade Protection

What about it?


Our carpets fade, our furniture and our furnishings. It’s unavoidable. Fortunately, using modern window films, it’s a process we can slow down drastically.

The fading process is caused by a multitude of factors including wear and tear, atmospheric dust and moisture, heat and UV exposure to mention a few. The biggest contributors are commonly solar energy related. Our fade reduction window films have been specifically designed to reject the exact same solar energy rays that cause this rapid fading process.

For basic protection there’s clear UV Reducing window films. These are ideal for when your building is generally dark inside. For maximum protection we always recommend a spectrally selective film. These films ensure fantastic retention of views from the inside out whilst blocking almost all UVA and UVB radiation AND huge portions of solar heat! Check out some of the benefits below!

Benefits of Fade Reducing Window Films.


  • >99% UV Rejection
  • Up to 44% summer heat gain reduction.
  • Fade Reduction factors of >88%
  • Allows maximum light into your home with minimal solar heat (Not Clear UV Rejection Films).
  • Prolongs the life of your belongings.
  • Reduces the risk of skin cancer.


Are the films for this service tinted/reflective?


As we’ve mentioned there are a number of different films that will reduce fading of your belongings and are dependent on your needs. For basic fade reduction properties and maximum light we recommend a clear film. For more advanced fade reduction we would recommend either a spectrally selective film, these films range in their “tint” levels from very light to dark, or a heavily tinted or reflective film. Darker/ reflective films are great if you want to reduce glare and increase privacy at the same time.


Warranty Details.


  • Warranty Length: 5-30 Years


  • Discoloration
  • Peeling
  • Hazing
  • Delamination
  • Crazing
  • Bubbling

All of our jobs are covered by a manufacturer backed warranty. You and your installer will complete a short warranty form on the day of your installation. This should be kept with a copy of your invoice from us. We will always be your first port of call if you experience any issues covered by warranty during the stated period. If, for some reason, you can’t get hold of us if there’s a problem, you can contact your nearest authorised installer for that film and the manufacturer will cover all the costs involved with rectifying the issue, as long as it’s covered in the warranty criteria.

Why choose Perthshire Window Films?


Because we’re the best! We’ve chosen our products not for ease of installation or because they’re cheap! We’ve chosen to supply our customers with some of the most superior products on the market right now. We continuously develop our knowledge, our staff skill sets and our understanding of what you, our customers expect. We do more than just install film. First we make sure that a window film will actually serve you well, will it solve the problem you have, in the way you need it solved? Then we determine if you’re glazing is suitable for the type of film you need to solve your problem, we come to your home, project site or place of work, wherever the glass in question is situated. We test your glass using specialised meters and detectors to determine its structure, is it monolithic, float, toughened, laminated etc… Your ideal film will be offered to you based on all the data we collect about your needs and your glazing structure. Only then will we discuss installation, there’s no point wasting your time. In the end, all we care about is making you happy! If we can give you years of problem free comfort in your home, you’ll almost certainly speak highly of us and what we do. We are fully insured to work on your glazing in your property. Don’t waste your time, speak to the professionals today.