Glazing Efficiency Enhancement

If you've been thinking of upgrading your windows recently we have the perfect solution. 
So... your window frames are in great condition, the seals/gaskets are tip top but you've contemplated ripping them out in favour of some brand new triple glazed units. Why?
At Perthshire Window Films we can offer you similar efficiency gains for a far better cost value. Our speciality thermally efficient window films are installed directly to your existing glazing and can bring single glazed windows up to the efficiency of double glazing and even take your double glazing up to that of triple glazing!
Typical installation times for window film on a 3 bedroom semi-detached house are between 3-5 hours. There's no dust, no mess, no need to redecorate afterwards and most importantly, no perfectly good window units going to landfill.
Perfect for listed buildings or simply because you feel that your house would benefit from the upgrade.
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