Leather Range

Looking for that authentic leather look for your project? How about a leather effect desk top or bed surround and headboard? See what we have on offer below.
Cover Styl NE42 - Caramel Leather
NE42 - Caramel Leather
Cover Styl NE43 - Light Cream Leather
NE43 - Light Cream Leather
Cover Styl V4 - Leopard
V4 - Leopard 
Cover Styl X3 - White Leather
X3 - White Leather
Cover Styl X50 - Dark Cream Leather
X50 - Dark Cream Leather
Cover Styl X51 - Black Leather
X51 - Black Leather
Cover Styl X7 - Dark Brown Leather Snake Skin
X7 - Dark Brown Leather Snake Skin
Cover Styl V8 - Gold & Black Fibres
V8 - Gold And Black Fibres
Cover Styl X5 - Pearly Crocodile Skin
X5 - Pearly Crocodile Skin
Cover Styl NE40 - Grey Leather
NE40 - Grey Leather
Can't find what you're looking for? We have access to an extended range of architectural vinyl available as a 25m minimum purchase. If your project requires more than 25m of vinyl please get in touch to discover even more options.