Metallic Range

Recreate the look of many metal surfaces with a speciality vinyl. Designed to bring your project to life while going easy on the budget.
U16 - Serpentine White Undulating
U16 - Serpentine White Undulating
Q50 - Dark Brushed Silver
Q50 - Dark Brushed Silver
Q1 - Mat Aluminium
Q1 - Mat Aluminium
Cover Styl NE49 - Soft Brushed Dark Silver
NE49 - Soft Brushed Dark Silver
Cover Styl P1 - Zebra Hammered Gold
P1 - Zebra Hammered Gold
Cover Styl P2 - Zebra Hammered Silver
P2 - Zebra Hammered Silver
Q51 - Silver Waves
Q51 - Silver Waves
Cover Styl R3 - Silver Carbon Fibre
R3 - Silver Carbon Fibre
Cover Styl S1 - Black Vertical Striped
S1 - Black Vertical Striped
Cover Styl S7 - Light Brushed Silver
S7 - Light Brushed Silver
Cover Styl T1 - Silver Fibre
T1 - Silver Fibre
Cover Styl T2 - Gold Fibre
T2 - Gold Fibre
Cover Sty Y4 - Dark Aged Gold Wood Fibre Effect
Y4 - Dark Aged Gold Wood Fibre Effect
Cover Styl Z8 - Silver Chequer Plate Steel
Z8 -  Silver Chequer Plate Steel
Cover Styl Q2 - Brushed Silver
Q2 - Brushed Silver
Cover Styl Q3 - Brushed Gold
Q3 - Brushed Gold
Cover Styl Z2 - Black Laser
Z2 - Black Laser
Cover Styl NE47 - Soft Brushed Gold
NE47 - Soft Brushed Gold

Can't find what you're looking for? We have access to an extended range of architectural vinyl available as a 25m minimum purchase. If your project requires more than 25m of vinyl please get in touch to discover even more options.