Natural Stone Range

Replica vinyls that create the appearance of natural stone. 
Cover Styl MK07 - Light Grey Ebony
MK07 - Light Grey Ebony
Cover Styl NE22 - Grey and White Stone Plaster
NE22 - Grey and White Stone Plaster
Cover Styl NE24 - Light Grey Concrete Plaster
NE24 - Light Grey Concrete Plaster
NE26 Dark grey concrete plaster
NE26 - Dark Concrete Plaster
Cover Styl NE28 - Dark Granite
NE28 - Dark Granite
Cover Styl U21 - Dark Concrete
U21 - Dark Concrete
Cover Styl U22 - Carved Charcoal
U22 - Carved Charcoal
Cover Sty U25 - Finery Grey
U25 - Finery Grey
Cover Styl V7 - Dark Stoned Leather
V7 - Dark Stoned Leather
Cover Styl W8 - Grey Bricks
W8 - Grey Bricks
Cover Styl W9 - Light Stone
W9 - Light Stone (Bricks)
Cover Styl U26 - Carved Pearl
U26 - Carved Pearl
Cover Styl U27 - Carved Cream
U27 - Carved Cream
Cover Styl U7 - Granit
U7 - Granite
Cover Styl W11 - Len Stone Crème
W11 - Len Stone Crème
Cover Styl W4 - White Brick
W4 - White Brick
Cover Styl W6 - Rust
W6 - Rust
Cover Styl U20 - Concrete
U20 - Concrete
Cover Styl W7 - Red Bricks
W7 - Red Brick
Cover Styl U9 - Grey
U9 - Grey
W50 - Rustic Grey Stone
W50 - Rustic Grey Stone

Can't find what you're looking for? We have access to an extended range of architectural vinyl available as a 25m minimum purchase. If your project requires more than 25m of vinyl please get in touch to discover even more options.