Transitional Glare Control

Most people choose blinds or curtains to combat unwanted glare but in doing so they lose their ability to see outside and, most commonly, more light than they would like to lose.

We have the perfect solution! Using a technically advanced TRANSITIONAL WINDOW FILM we can create a comfortable working or relaxing environment in your home or at your office. These films allow for the level of tint on your windows to change under direct sunlight. When the sun's weak and not really causing a problem these films will be at their lightest, however, much the same as transitional lenses used in eyeglasses, as the sun gets brighter through the day these films darken.

Take a look at these examples, each example shows a representation of film (left) vs no film (right) during various light conditions:

 Low Light Conditions

Strong Light Conditions


Conventional Glare Control (Low Light Conditions)


As you can see Transitional Window Films give you the best of both worlds, allowing as much light in as possible on dark days and restricting harsh light on bright sunny days.