Wood Range



Choose the right wood effect for your project! Real feel, textured and a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Cover Syl A1 - Dark Wenge

A1 - Dark Wenge

Cover Styl A2 - Medium Wenge

A2 - Medium Wenge

Cover Styl AA12 - Brown Oak Line Structured

AA12 - Brown Oak Line Structured

Cover Styl AA14 - Original Wenge

AA14 - Original Wenge

Cover Styl AA15 - Grey Line Oak Structured

AA15 - Grey Oak Line Structured

Cover Styl AB05 - Blue Ebony

AB05 - Blue Ebony

Cover Styl AF08 - Light Grey Oak

AF08 - Light Grey Oak

Cover Styl AG04 - Light Cream Ebony

AG04 - Light Cream Ebony

Cover Styl AG14 - Cream Golden Oak

AG14 - Cream Golden Oak

Cover Styl AG20 - Light Cream Beech

AG20 - Light Cream Beech

Cover Styl AL14 - Traditional Oak

AL14 - Traditional Oak

Cover Styl AL34 - Gold Collection Wood

AL34 - Gold Collection Wood

Cover Styl AZ07- Light Golden Oak

AZ07 - Light Golden Oak

Cover Styl B1 - Light Wenge New

B1 - Light Wenge (New)

Cover Styl B3 - Light Beech

B3 - Light Beech

Cover Styl B4 - Pio Light Oak

B4 - Pio Light Oak

Cover Styl B5 - Medium Beech

B5 - Medium Beech

Cover Styl B50 - Crème 1

B50 - Créme 1

B6 - Brio light Aragon

B6 - Brio Light Aragon

Cover Styl B8 - Golden Oak

B8 - Golden Oak

Cover Styl B9 - Ebony Light Brown

B9 - Ebony Light Brown

Cover Styl C2 - Mahogany

C2 - Mahogany

Cover Styl CT17 - Light Cream Wood

CT17 - Light Cream Wood

Cover Styl CT35 - Golden Ebony

CT35 - Golden Ebony

Cover Styl CT69 - Cream Brown

CT69 - Cream Brown

Cover Styl D1 - Teak

D1 - Teak

Cover Styl D3 - Zebrano

D3 - Zebrano

Cover Styl D4 - Dark Zebrano

D4 - Dark Zebrano

Cover Styl E1 - Red Zebrano

E1 - Red Zebrano

Cover Styl E4 - Amber Zebrano

E4 - Amber Zebrano

Cover Styl F4 - Modern Oak

F4 - Modern Oak

Cover Styl F5 - Dark Oak Structured

F5 - Dark Oak Structured

F6 - Aged Oak

F6 - Aged Oak

Cover Styl F7 - Silverback

F7 - Silverback

Cover Styl G3 - Burr Walnut

G3 - Burr Walnut

Cover Styl G4 - Pearl Wood

G4 - Pearl Wood

Cover Styl G5 - Light Grey

G5 - Light Grey

Cover Styl G6 - Dark Grey

G6 - Dark Grey

Cover Styl G7 - Eternal Gold Grain

G7 - Eternal Gold Grain

Cover Styl H10 - Light Grey Wood Panel

H10 - Light Grey Wood Panel

H4 - Hardwood Panel

H4 - Hardwood Panel

H50 - Light Parquet

H50 - Light Parquet

Cover Styl H6 - Light Curmaru Vertical

H6 - Light Curmaru Vertical

Cover Styl H7 - Light Vintage Panel

H7 - Light Vintage Panel

H8 - Light Country Panel

H8 - Light Country Panel

I10 - Mario Grey Oak

I10 - Mario Grey Oak

I11 - Mario Brown Oak

I11 - Mario Brown Oak

I13 - Light Silver Grained

I13 - Light Silver Grained

I15 - Cherry Wood

I15 - Cherrywood

I16 - Natural French Oak

I16 - Natural French Oak

I7 - Florida Mahogany

I7 - Florida Mahogany

I9 - Natural Oak Grain

I9 - Natural Oak Grain

J14 - White Wood

J14 - White Wood

Cover Styl J17 - White Light 1

J17 - White Light 1

J18 - Gray Wood

J18 - Gray Wood

J2 - Black Wood

J2 - Black Wood

Cover Styl NE13 - Shimmery Golden Wood

NE13 - Shimmery Golden Wood

NE46 - Gray Ebony

NE46 - Grey Ebony

Cover Styl NE61 - Cream Grey Oak

NE61 - Cream Grey Oak

Cover Styl NE63 - Light Grey Oak Grain

NE63 - Light Grey Oak Grain

Cover Styl NE68 - Cream Oak

NE68 - Cream Oak

Cover Styl T50 - Silver Dusted

T50 - Silver Dusted

Can't find what you're looking for? We have access to an extended range of architectural vinyl available as a 25m minimum purchase. If your project requires more than 25m of vinyl please get in touch to discover even more options.